How To Tell Diamonds From Cubic Zirconia

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5 Nov 2008

You have been wearing that big rock on your finger under everyone’s noses for months and suddenly someone tells you that you are wearing a lovely cubic zirconia ring. This is a complete surprise to you because all of this time you had assumed that you were wearing a big and sparkling diamond ring.

It would probably benefit you to be able to tell if you are married to a man that loves to shower you in diamonds or to a cheapskate that is trying to fool you with CZ and make you look like a fool in the process. There are a few quick ways to tell if you have a diamond or CZ on that ring of yours.

For decades now rings have been made using Cubic Zirconia, or CZ, instead of diamonds and for those decades people have spent their time trying to figure out the difference between a diamond ring and a CZ ring. To many people it does not matter but to some people it is embarrassing to think you are wearing a diamond and then only to find out that you really have a CZ on your finger. The other part of it is that you do not want to buy a diamond ring from a retailer that has a shady reputation and then find out that you just paid thousands of dollars for a CZ ring that cost a fraction of what you paid. Some of the differences between diamonds and CZ are not very easy to see at all.

For example, for the most part a CZ stone does not weigh as much as a diamond. Using just your hands, and not knowing how to weigh stones, you would never be able to tell the difference in weight between a 1 karat diamond and similar sized CZ stone. However there are some tests you can use that will allow you to tell the difference between a CZ and a diamond and save yourself some potential embarrassment.

Have you ever seen a movie where a lady takes her diamond ring and tries to cut glass with it? When it does not cut glass she gets very angry. A diamond, a real diamond, will cut glass when you apply it to a glass surface with enough pressure. Be careful with this test because you could chip your diamond if it has any weak points. A CZ stone cannot cut glass no matter how hard you press it on the glass surface. This is because a diamond is a significantly harder stone than a CZ and that allows the diamond to cut glass while the softer CZ stone is completely unable to even make a mark on the glass surface. Of course you will want to make sure that the glass surface you are using is one that can be marked up because if you are expecting CZ but get a diamond then you may be out the cost of a pane of glass.

Because of the soft nature of the CZ stone it is very easy to cut and very easy to use. It is also nearly flawless in its appearance and is quite dazzling even under a microscope. A diamond will have natural flaws to it. Any diamond has flaws and any diamond that does not show flaws under a microscope is a CZ stone. A diamond also has color to it. Most standard diamonds are yellow in their hue. A CZ stone has no color to it at all. Just another way to tell if you have a diamond stone or a CZ on that ring.

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